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Bahawalpur Journal of Media & Communication (BJMC)

We are presently experiencing a relatively high rate of reviewer decline. To counter this trend we need your expertise as reviewer to maintain the quality and efficiency of Bahawalpur Journal of Media & Communication (BJMC). Join us in our effort to reduce the manuscript processing lead time! 

As an editorial policy, following the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) criteria of Y category journal, papers submitted to BJMC get reviewed by at least one expert from an Industrially/Academically advanced country.

Please send your updated CV at editor.bjmc@iub.edu.pk with ORCID iD and preferably SCOPUS ID.

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Research is an integral part of academia to create knowledge for the benefit of human beings and the entire universe. The academic inquiry aims at creating/communicating new knowledge and testing/exploring/accepting/rejecting/extending existing and new ideas. University is a place where scholars develop an understanding of the social, economic, cultural, psychological, political phenomena of a society and country and theorize it into actionable knowledge. Communication is the fundamental element of the entire universe and media/communication links with every field. To communicate new knowledge, Bahawalpur Journal of Media and Communication (BJMC)—a bi-annual journal—is a platform for early career and advanced researchers. Scholars from the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Area Studies are welcome to share their original and valuable contribution to knowledge (with an aspect of media and communication) for the welfare of people from local to global levels.