Journal of Culture and Heritage Studies (jchs) <p><strong><em>Journal of Culture &amp; Heritage Studies (JCHS)</em></strong> <strong>,</strong> is a Bi-Annual، double blind peer-reviewed open access journal. It<strong><em> </em></strong>is a multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of scholarly study of Culture and of the Heritage Studies. The main purpose of JCH is to publish original papers which comprise previously unpublished data and present innovative methods concerning all scientific aspects related to the knowledge of cultural heritage as well as novel interpretation and theoretical issues related to preservation. The journal is intended to offer a venue to scientists from different disciplines whose common objective is developing and applying scientific methods to improve the research and knowledge on cultural heritage, in particular in the following fields: • Safeguarding, conservation and exploitation of cultural heritage • Heritage management and economic analyses • Computer sciences in cultural heritage • Impact of climate change on cultural heritage and management of the change The Journal of Cultural Heritage is interested in papers: • Reporting significant advances in scientific methods and techniques • Presenting multidisciplinary research • Dealing with issues of wide/global interest • Review papers dealing with specific topics in which an up-to-date "state of the art" is presented The articles must be suitable and considered of great interest for a wide audience; thus the editorial planning foresees reducing the number of articles dealing with case studies, in order to favor original articles. The journal is not interested in papers related to one well established technique applied to shed light on question of local interest, nor in papers based on subjective observations or descriptive approaches. Reports on restoration/conservation activities should be avoided unless they present a specific technical or scientific novelty.</p> <p>The journal welcomes the manuscripts dealing with range of areas mentioned above and presenting the reflections useful in global and Pakistani context.</p> en-US (Dr. Khalil Ahmad) (Dr. Khalil Ahmad) Thu, 31 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 Role of Tourism in shaping positive image of Pakistan <p>This study would analyze the role of tourism in shaping the positive image of Pakistan. Tourism has not only proved vital for the economy and a key source of income and employment but also building a positive image of their society and national identity in developing countries. It promotes cross-cultural connections, appreciation, and understanding. Promoting the cross-cultural awareness for both locals and tourists builds bridges of understanding between cultures. During the worst wave of terrorism after the year 2000 Pakistan has almost lost its true identity in the world and tourism can be the best tool to raise the profile of Pakistan in the world. Tourism also promotes international connections which can be useful to increase the business opportunities and cultural exchange. There is tremendous potential for tourism across Pakistan. Tourism industry is expanding but not at the expected pace, further rise is expected in the coming years in the tourism industry. Pakistan is becoming an attractive tourist destination for international tourists. Government of Pakistan is taking initiatives to grow tourism as a priority.</p> <p>&nbsp;Data and information, I lifted in this study&nbsp; has been collected through secondary sources including Books, Magazines, Articles, Journals, E-Journals, Internet, Reports of World Tourism Organization, Ministry of Tourism and World Travel etc. Government, tourism industry and society need to join hands to shape the positive image of Pakistan.</p> Neena Taskeen Akbar Copyright (c) 2022 Neena Taskeen Akbar Thu, 30 Jun 2022 00:00:00 +0000