Ethics and Malpractice policy

Pakistan Journal of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PJPMS) observes thorough ethical guidelines for distributing articles. PJPMS ethics and misbehavior explanation is conceptualized on Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines. Authors (s) are exclusively answerable for the creativity and unwavering quality of the exploration results and should go along adhering to guidelines.

  • False or purposely incorrect proclamations comprise the dishonest way of behaving and are unsuitable.
  • Authors might be approached to give the raw information of their study along with the original copy for a publication review and ought to be ready to make the information openly accessible if practicable, given that the secrecy of the members can be safeguarded and lawful rites concerning exclusive information don't block their delivery.
  • Research data and results of the study will be given provided that they are genuine and solid.
  • Writers ought to guarantee that they have submitted unique work, and assuming they have utilized the work or potentially expressions of others, that this has been properly cited.
  • Publications that have been persuasive in deciding the idea of the work announced in the manuscript ought to likewise be cited.
  • Various forms of plagiarism such as, "passing off" one more's paper as the author's own, replicating or rewording significant pieces of another's paper (without attribution), to guarantee results from research directed by others. Literary theft in the entirety of its structures establishes dishonest distributing conduct and is inadmissible.
  • The contribution of different works will be recognized and alluded to aptly. Information sources and supporting proof should be cited precisely in the text and references segment.
  • Findings of featured research issues should be unique.
  • Any original copy will not be submitted if it is as of now published or submitted in another Journal. Accommodation of a manuscript simultaneously to more than one journal is exploitative distributing conduct and inadmissible.

    Integrity and Reports Dealing

    In circumstances of claimed or proved improper conduct, deceptive publication, or plagiarism, the publisher will take all necessary steps to answer the main and rectify the linked article, working along with the editorial. This includes publishing an editor's note, clarifications, or, in the worst-case scenario, withdrawal of the relevant work as soon as possible. The distributor, in collaboration with the editors, must take appropriate measures to identify and eliminate the publication of papers containing research misconduct, and must never promote or knowingly allow such negligence to occur.