Aims and Scope


The Journal of World Religions and Interfaith Harmony, is a bi-annual research journal. Its aims to:

  • Promote peace and harmony.
  • Find solutions to the problems related to interfaith studies.
  • Promote the culture of interfaith dialogue.
  • Help the excellence of knowledge.
  • Publish original research in the field of world religions and interfaith dialogue.


The Journal of World Religions and Interfaith Harmony encompasses several topics of study which including interfaith harmony, interfaith dialogue, religious tolerance, world religions, study of religion, religious rituals, philosophy of religion, history of world religions, science and religion, religious experience, religious ethics, religious phenomenology, religious anthropology, religious sociology, religious methodological research.

We welcome and provide a platform for the researchers to publish their original research on current issues. The international perspective is also reflected by the Journal’s trilingual approach as it welcomes research papers in Urdu, Arabic, and English.


The objective of the Journal of World Religions and Interfaith Harmony is the calibration of quality research articles and makes them available to researchers worldwide. The Journal allows scholars from institutions in Pakistan and worldwide to publish their research projects according to predefined protocols and norms. The journal publishes original and reviewed research articles and book reviews related to World Religions and Interfaith harmony to promote the flow of ideas, exchange, and discussion of research findings.