Introduction and Critical Examination of its Beliefs under the Light of Islamic Teachings


  • Muhammad Afzal
  • Hafiz Muhammad Zohaib Research Scholar, Institute of Islamic Studies University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan



World Religions, Satanism, Anton Lavey, The Satanic Bible, Beliefs


Modern Satanism was founded by Anton Lavey. He described the methodology of Satanic religious rituals, wrote various books on Satanism, and also founded the Church of Satan. Levey's book "The Satanic Bible" is considered as the Holy book by all Satanists. Nine Satanic statements mentioned in the Satanic Bible are given importance as the basic beliefs or principles of this religion. Satanists represent self-centeredness. They believe in retaliating more forcefully than in forgiveness or equality in matters and consider the forgiver as weak. Islam tells that if one takes revenge, take the amount s/he were wronged, and if one are patient, it is better. Satanists do not distinguish between humans and animals and sometimes consider human as God. They favor all sins because they provide physical, mental or emotional satisfaction. Satanists present Satan as the Messiah for mankind. While Allah Ta'ala said in the Holy Qur'an, which means don't follow the path of Satan, he commands you to do evil and obscenity, he also wants to include us among the inmates of Hellfire. Satan is an arch enemy, so one should also consider him as enemy. If people follow the ideas of Satanism, then the law and order will be lost in the society. Everyone will do what he wants, sins will be common. Therefore, it is natural to have riots wherever people with this ideology are found.




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