An Assessment of Christian Missionaries’ Writings on Islamic Law in Nigeria: A Focus on Joseph Kenny O.P.


  • Mujahid Hamza Shitu Department of Islamic Studies, Federal University, Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria



Christian Missionaries, Islamic Law, Orientalism, Joseph Kenny, Nigeria


Islam has become well established in some parts of Nigeria for about eight centuries before the advent of Christianity which came in the wake of colonialism in the 19th century. Christianity was able to win converts in Nigeria, mostly in places where there were no Muslims. Different Christian denominations therefore, launched rigorous evangelistic onslaught against Islam in the quest to convert Muslims to Christianity. The issue of the reintroduction of Sharia has been one of the most controversial aspects of the Muslim-Christian relations in Nigeria. Christians resisted the implementation of the Sharia even in Muslim states. Writing about the Sharia is the major characteristic of Christian literature on Islam in Nigeria. This research samples the works of Joseph Kenny O.P., a Catholic missionary, who lived in Nigeria for almost 49 years working on Islam and Muslim societies.  The research is descriptive and analytical of some Kenny’s works in the field of Islamic law.