Role of Convalescent plasma on the immune system and potential therapy for COVID19


  • Bushra Tahreem Department of Life Sciences, School of Science, University of Management and Technology, Lahore Pakistan
  • Maria Oubaid Department of Life Sciences, School of Science, University of Management and Technology, Lahore Pakistan
  • Tanveer Ali Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences Ziauddin University Karachi
  • Mubbasher Munir


Convalescent plasma, CP, COVID 19, Immune System, Transfusion


New health trouble terrifies the world by spreading 2019 unique coronavirus or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2. Coronavirus is an RNA enveloped virus that is present in humans and wildlife. The spread of the illness occurred in many countries. That's why it is called a pandemic. This virus is transmitted by coughs sneezing, and its incubation period is 3-14 days. The symptoms accompanying this disease are mild fever, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, tiredness, and muscle pain. The disease is mild in most people, then it progresses to pneumonia and ultimately results in severe pneumonia or multi-organ dysfunction. The recent pandemic has shown that Coronavirus-2 is involved in the mechanism to evade the typical human responses. It has been observed that the innate immune system activates and can reduce the chances of risk regarding lung inflammation. Currently, the imposed cause and the development process of abnormal conditions due to the coronavirus are ill-defined. There are no therapeutic therapies for Corona Virus Disease 2019's patient; only symptomatic treatment is given as supportive therapy. Convalescent plasma therapy has acted as passive immunization globally for this critical situation in the presence of a coronavirus pandemic. FDA has conceded the approval for applying the convalescent plasma to severe patients of COVID19. CP therapy has some adverse effects like fever, itching, or skin rash. This review summarises the CP as the potential therapy for COVID19 and its role on the patient immune system. 


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