Submitting Manuscripts/Manuscript Processing

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically to Research Journal Al-Uloom ul Arabia email Manuscripts should be submitted as a series of files including a cover letter, the manuscript (including title page, the abstract, manuscript text, and references).
Peer Review: The majority of manuscripts submitted to us are put through peer review. The time from receipt of initial submission to final editorial decision takes an average of 2 to 4 months. Manuscripts that our editors believe warrant rapid publication (most commonly original research) will be peer-reviewed as quickly as possible, with a goal of publication within 2 months after receipt of the manuscript.

Revisions: Revisions may be requested for submissions that pass the initial review stages. This does not constitute acceptance for publication but is an invitation to strengthen the paper for further scrutiny. After revision, the paper may again be subjected to a full peer review, usually by the same reviewers. The reviewers’ comments must be answered or rebutted in the text of the manuscript (where applicable) and in a separate, accompanying letter to facilitate the review of the revised manuscript. Some of the comments will be technical and some substantive; all should be addressed.

Decisions: Authors will be notified via e-mail of the final decision about your submission.

Rejected Manuscripts: Sometimes we make mistakes in rejecting a manuscript, and if you think we have, we would like to hear an appeal from you for us to reconsider our decision. In your appeal, please tell us why you think our decision to reject your manuscript was mistaken and set out your specific responses to comments you feel are the main reason for your manuscript being rejected