• Pakistan Journal of Economic Studies

    The main objective of the Pakistan Journal of Economic Studies (PJES) is to enhance economic thinking by providing analysis of important economic issues relevant to academicians, professionals and policymakers. This journal aims to publish articles by economists and experts in related fields who wish to communicate their ideas and findings to a wider audience. The journal has an international perspective and publishes articles on a wide range of subjects and issues of current economic debate.

    Publisher: Department of Economics, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

    Frequency: Bi-annual

    Access: Open

    Publication Charges: Free

    Peer Review Process: Double-blind


  • IUB Journal of Social Sciences

    IUB Journal of Social Sciences, a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that covers the fields of scientific knowledge and academic research that study social groups and, more generally, human society. IUB JOSS is a bi-annual publication that welcomes original research articles showing advances in extended fields of social science including psychology, economics, political science, international relations, library sciences, social work and media studies.

  • South Asian Review of Business and Administrative Studies (SABAS)

    The South Asian Review of Business and Administrative Studies (SABAS) under ISSN: 2710-5318 & ISSN (E): 2710-5164 is an international, open access, peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on all topics related to business management and administrative sciences with a particular emphasis on the South Asia region. The journal is initiated keeping in view the unique socio-cultural position of South Asian region in Asian continent and the huge size of its market. Pakistan being the balanced and multicultural space in South Asian region will be the best place to showcase this important journal. The journal is published by University Press, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Pakistan and managed independently by the editorial board under the umbrella of the Center for Business Research and Consulting (CBRC), Institute of Business Management and Administrative Sciences, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Pakistan. 

  • SADIQ Journal of Pakistan Studies

    Editor, (Sadiq Journal of Pakistan Studies) welcomes scholars to submit well-researched and unpublished papers along with a statement certifying that the work is original and is not currently under consideration for publication in any other journal. Please feel free to contact us for any comments, questions or feedback.

    Manuscripts can only be submitted through an online management system. For details, please read ‘Instructions for Authors. All correspondence should be addressed to the editor through post or email at:


    Refereed Research Journal Majallah Al-Ulum Al-Arabia Arabic Research Journal is a national Journal for Arabic Linguistics & Literature Research. It is an Open Access Bi-annual Peer Reviewed Print and Online Journal which has become an Academic Research Journal with an International Advisory Board representing various fields of research. This journal is launched to promote the study of general fields of Arabic Linguistics and Literature i.e. Morphology, Grammar, Rhetoric, Semantics, Phonology, Prosody, the Arab World, Poetry, Prose, Criticism, Comparative Literature, Religious Literature, Subcontinent Literature, and all other fields related to Arabic linguistics and literature.

  • Journal of Information Management and Practices (JIMP)

    The journal of Information Management and Practices (JIMP) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, the journal aims to cover the practices, discussion, and analysis in the field of library and information management. JIMP  is a Bi-annual publication, that promotes original research work in the extended field of library and information management: included, libraries' practices, educational organizations, business intelligence, health care system, knowledge management, data governance, the design of information and delivery, big data analytics, data science, the philosophical thoughts to information management, the emerging practices of library and information professionals, data curation, organization, visualization, and dissemination.

  • PAYAM (Research Journal of Iqbal Studies)

    تحقیقی مجلہ"پیام"شعبہ اقبالیات،  جامعہ اسلامیہ بہاول پور کے زیرِ اہتمام شائع ہونے والا سالانہ  تحقیقی جریدہ ہے   ۔اس کا آغاز 2021ء سے کیا جارہا ہے۔اولین تحقیقی شمارہ اسی سال شائع کیا جائے گا۔اس تحقیقی مجلے کے مدیر شعبۂ اقبالیات کے صدر ڈاکٹر محمد رفیق الاسلام ہیں۔

  • Journal of Contemporary Business and Islamic Finance (JCBIF)

    The objective of JCBIF is to publish theoretical and empirical research which contribute to development in the areas of contemporary business management, finance and Islamic financial management in line with modern research trends. Moreover to raise the level of business and Islamic finance research through upgrading the means used.

  • 2nd International Conference on Business and Entrepreneurship Research (ICBER) 2020

    2nd International Conference on Business and Entrepreneurship Research (ICBER) 2020

    February 20-21, 2020

    Theme: Changing Business Dynamics in Scenario of CPEC: A Bifocal Approach on Innovation and Business Ethics

     The pertinent interdisciplinary sub themes:

    • Management

    • Human Resource Management 

    • Marketing 

    • Finance

    • Accounting

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Leaderships

    • Hospitality and Tourism Management

    • Management Information System

    • Organizational Behaviour 

    • International Business

    • Business Ethics


    • Economics

    • Education

    • Engineering 

    • Sociology

    • Psychology

    • Law

    • Politics

    • Anthropology 

    • Cultural Studies

    Venue: Department of Management Sciences, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur, Pakistan.


    Selected Papers will be published in HEC Pakistan recognized journals and internationally reputable refereed SCOPUS and ESCI research journals.

    International participants will be provided an opportunity to present their papers Online.