• Pakistan Journal of Economic Studies (PJES)

    The main objective of the Pakistan Journal of Economic Studies (PJES) is to enhance economic thinking by providing analysis of important economic issues relevant to academicians, professionals and policymakers. This journal aims to publish articles by economists and experts in related fields who wish to communicate their ideas and findings to a wider audience. The journal has an international perspective and publishes articles on a wide range of subjects and issues of current economic debate.
    Publisher: Department of Economics, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
    ISSN (P): 2708-1478
    ISSN (E):
    Frequency: Bi-annual
    Access: Open
    Publication Charges: Free
    Peer Review Process: Double-blind
  • SADIQ Journal of Pakistan Studies

    Editor, (Sadiq Journal of Pakistan Studies) welcomes scholars to submit well-researched and unpublished papers along with a statement certifying that the work is original and is not currently under consideration for publication in any other journal. Please feel free to contact us for any comments, questions or feedback.

    Manuscripts can only be submitted through an online management system. For details, please read ‘Instructions for Authors. All correspondence should be addressed to the editor through post or email at:

  • IUB Journal of Social Sciences

    IUB Journal of Social Sciences (IJOSS), a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that covers the fields of scientific knowledge and academic research that study social groups and, more generally, human society. IJOSS is a bi-annual publication that welcomes original research articles showing advances in extended fields of social science including psychology, economics, political science, international relations, library sciences, social work and media studies.

  • South Asian Review of Business and Administrative Studies (SABAS)

    The South Asian Review of Business and Administrative Studies (SABAS) under ISSN: 2710-5318 & ISSN (E): 2710-5164 is an international, open access, peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on all topics related to business management and administrative sciences with a particular emphasis on the South Asia region. The journal is initiated keeping in view the unique socio-cultural position of South Asian region in Asian continent and the huge size of its market. Pakistan being the balanced and multicultural space in South Asian region will be the best place to showcase this important journal. The journal is published by University Press, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Pakistan and managed independently by the editorial board under the umbrella of the Center for Business Research and Consulting (CBRC), Institute of Business Management and Administrative Sciences, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Pakistan. 


    Refereed Research Journal  Al-Uloom ul-Arabia Arabic Research Journal is a national Journal for Arabic Linguistics & Literature Research. It is an Open Access Bi-annual Peer Reviewed Print and Online Journal which has become an Academic Research Journal with an International Advisory Board representing various fields of research. This journal is launched to promote the study of general fields of Arabic Linguistics and Literature i.e. Morphology, Grammar, Rhetoric, Semantics, Phonology, Prosody, the Arab World, Poetry, Prose, Criticism, Comparative Literature, Religious Literature, Subcontinent Literature, and all other fields related to Arabic linguistics and literature.

  • Journal of Information Management and Practices (JIMP)

    The journal of Information Management and Practices (JIMP) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, the journal aims to cover the practices, discussion, and analysis in the field of library and information management. JIMP  is a Bi-annual publication, that promotes original research work in the extended field of library and information management: included, libraries' practices, educational organizations, business intelligence, health care system, knowledge management, data governance, the design of information and delivery, big data analytics, data science, the philosophical thoughts to information management, the emerging practices of library and information professionals, data curation, organization, visualization, and dissemination.

  • PAYAM (Research Journal of Iqbal Studies)

    تحقیقی مجلہ"پیام"شعبہ اقبالیات،  جامعہ اسلامیہ بہاول پور کے زیرِ اہتمام شائع ہونے والا سالانہ  تحقیقی جریدہ ہے   ۔اس کا آغاز 2022ء سے کیا جارہا ہے۔اولین تحقیقی شمارہ اسی سال شائع کیا جائے گا۔اس تحقیقی مجلے کے مدیر شعبۂ اقبالیات کے صدر ڈاکٹر محمد رفیق الاسلام ہیں۔

  • International Journal of Forest Sciences (IJFS)

    International Journal of Forest Science is a peer-reviewed and published quarterly journal publishing basic and applied research that searches all aspects of natural sciences as they apply to the basic of the forested ecosystems of the world.

    International Journal of Forest Sciences has been published quarterly by Department of Forestry, Range and wildlife Management, Islamia University Bahawalpur. 


  • Journal of Contemporary Business and Islamic Finance (JCBIF)

    The objective of JCBIF,double blind peer reviewed journal,is to publish theoretical and empirical research which contribute to development in the areas of contemporary business management, finance and Islamic financial management in line with modern research trends. Moreover to raise the level of business and Islamic finance research through upgrading the means used.

    ISSN :2790-2986

    Publication Frequency: Bi-Annual 

    APC: No (no hidden charges)



  • Pakistan Journal of Applied Psychology (PJAP)

    This journal is launched by department of Applied Psychology, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. The frequency of issues is twice a year. It covers the research articles from all the disciplines of Applied Psychology including quantitative and qualitative or mixed method studies. The ISSN is 2790-5551 (online) and 2790-6132 (print).  The Pakistan Journal of Applied Psychology is an open access journal. 

  • Journal of Banking and Social Equity (JBSE)

    Journal of Banking and Social Equity (JBSE) is a peer-reviewed refereed journal aiming at engaging academicians as well as practitioners. All papers will be subject to a minimum of double-blind refereeing. The JBSE will publish theoretical and empirical research papers spanning all the major research fields in Islamic finance, banking and social equity on quarterly basis. The journal will welcome strong evidence-based empirical studies and results-focused case studies that share research in product development and illuminate best practices. The JBSE is aiming to give an interdisciplinary view on Islamic and conventional practices in relation to business management and social equity.

  • Political Horizons

    Political Horizons is a biannual peer reviewed journal owned and published by the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Science, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.

    Publisher: Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Science, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
    ISSN (P): 
    ISSN (E): 

    Frequency: Bi-annual
    Access: Open
    Publication Charges: Free
    Peer Review Process: Double-blind

  • International Journal of Natural Medicine and Health Sciences

    International Journal of Natural Medicine and Health Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish manuscripts related to the current trends in research and practices of natural medicine. Our objective is to strengthen the research and educational base of natural medicine in the healthcare system.
    International Journal of Natural Medicine and Health Sciences does not advocate for anyone's system or method, but rather encourages the examination and proper application of all successful researches in natural medicine and health sciences. Each issue covers a wide range of disciplined inquiry approaches, ranging from case studies to original scientific research in health sciences. The editors advocate for licensed health care practitioners to integrate evidence-based emerging treatments with traditional medical practices in a way that supports a holistic approach to health care that is focused on wellness, prevention, and healing. International Journal of Natural Medicine and Health Sciences aspires to educate all licensed health care practitioners about developments in fields other than their own, as well as to foster ongoing debate about the scientific, clinical, historical, legal, political, and cultural issues that affect all aspects of health care.


  • Pakistan Journal of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

    Pakistan journal of Physical and Mathematical Sciences is a refereed journal published by The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. This is an interdisciplinary journal covering basic and applied research in all fields of Physics, Mathematics and Geography. The papers are chosen for their high quality and wide appeal to the scientific community throughout the world. This journal
    • Publishes reviews, full-length papers, and brief communications
    • Is firmly established as a forum for scientists exploring the behavior of all engineering materials used in Physical and mathematical sciences.

    Publisher: Institute of Physics, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
    Frequency: Quarterly
    Access: Open
    Publication Charges: Free
    Peer Review Process: Double-blind

  • Journal of Business, Management & Administrative Sciences (JBMAS)

    Journal of Business, Management & Administrative Sciences (JBMAS) is a double blind peer-reviewed journal, inviting research scholars and practitioners to contribute towards scientific knowledge. The JBMAS will publish scientific research papers spanning all the research fields in business, management and administrative sciences. The JBMAS will invite researchers to publish their original empirical and theoretical studies on regular basis. The JBMAS aims to give an interdisciplinary view on prevailing issues concerning business and management to stimulate a bridge between corporate sector and academia.

  • Pakistan Journal of Qur’ānic Studies

    The Pakistan Journal of Qur’ānic Studies (PJQS) is a bi-annual and tri-lingual (Urdu, Arabic & English) research journal of Qur’ānic Studies, Islamic Studies, Religious Studies, and Theology, which was established in 2022. PJQS - Pakistan Journal of Qur’ānic Studies is a double-blind peer reviewed and open-access research journal published by the Department of Qur’ānic Studies, Faculty of Islamic Learning, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. The research journal is being published according to the HEC Policy.

    Dr. Zia ur Rehman
    Associate Professor / Chairman Department of Qur’anic Studies, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan

  • Al-Abṣār (الابصار)

    Al-Abṣār is a double-blind، peer-reviewed, open-access، tri-lingual (Arabic, English, Urdu) journal published bi-annually by the department of Fiqh and Shariah at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. it was established in June 2022.  The significance of Islamic education has increased to a great extent in the modern-day world. Many religious and spiritual issues have become complex for the common man. Answers to these and many other such issues can only be sought in pure and practical research in Fiqh and Shariah and Islamic education.

    With these vital goals and sacred objectives, the department of Fiqh and Sharia has launched its research journal named, ‘Al-Abṣār’. Al-Abṣār is meant to facilitate its research scholars in creating a comprehensive and global understanding of Islam and its sciences specially Fiqh and Shariah. Al-Abṣār aims to address the modern-day issues in the light of the true teachings of Islam. Al-Abṣār aims to promote scholarly research on contemporary issues and complexities of the modern-day world in addition to the orthodox approach to research.

    Aims and Objectives

    Al-Abṣār is an Academic Journal devoted to religious research and scholarship. It is to serve as a forum for scholars to write objectively, analytically and, where-ever necessary, critically on all the fields of religious studies with the special reference to Fiqh and Shariah and Islamic economics,  in order to find answers to the question relating to social, political, economic, and moral problems of the fast and drastically changing world of today and to define the religion in terms of its fundamentals in a rational and liberal manner emphasizing, at the same time, the basic religious ideals of universal brotherhood, tolerance, and social justice.

    One of the basic aims of this  Journal is to develop a close linkage between the intellectuals and the common man of the society with the help of scholarly research, especially in the field of Fiqh and Shariah.


  • Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, and Service Industries Research (JTHS)

    Established in 2020, Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Services Industries Research (JTHS) plays a prominent and promising role in the incubation, inspiring and influencing research in the study area of hospitality and tourism. JTHS takes pride in publishing original and quality research enabling clear advancement in theory development. Our core purpose is to offer valuable practical knowledge related to hospitality and tourism. JTHS publishes research that creates IMPACT through publishing academically rigorous, cross discipline and practically valuable research.

  • Ulūm-al-Sunnah

    Islamic research journal Ulūm-al-Sunnah aims the quality not the quantity. Currently the research journal Ulūm-al-Sunnah accepting online submission of research articles free of cost. It is double-blind peer-reviewed Islamic research journal, the author details will not be disclosed to the reviewers.

    If you find any difficulty in finding the right information for publishing your research with Ulūm al-Sunnah, feel free to contact us at

  • Journal of Culture and Heritage Studies (jchs)

    Journal of Culture & Heritage Studies (JCHS) , is a Bi-Annual، double blind peer-reviewed open access journal. It is a multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of scholarly study of Culture and of the Heritage Studies. The main purpose of JCH is to publish original papers which comprise previously unpublished data and present innovative methods concerning all scientific aspects related to the knowledge of cultural heritage as well as novel interpretation and theoretical issues related to preservation. The journal is intended to offer a venue to scientists from different disciplines whose common objective is developing and applying scientific methods to improve the research and knowledge on cultural heritage, in particular in the following fields: • Safeguarding, conservation and exploitation of cultural heritage • Heritage management and economic analyses • Computer sciences in cultural heritage • Impact of climate change on cultural heritage and management of the change The Journal of Cultural Heritage is interested in papers: • Reporting significant advances in scientific methods and techniques • Presenting multidisciplinary research • Dealing with issues of wide/global interest • Review papers dealing with specific topics in which an up-to-date "state of the art" is presented The articles must be suitable and considered of great interest for a wide audience; thus the editorial planning foresees reducing the number of articles dealing with case studies, in order to favor original articles. The journal is not interested in papers related to one well established technique applied to shed light on question of local interest, nor in papers based on subjective observations or descriptive approaches. Reports on restoration/conservation activities should be avoided unless they present a specific technical or scientific novelty.

    The journal welcomes the manuscripts dealing with range of areas mentioned above and presenting the reflections useful in global and Pakistani context.