Study of Methodology of Fiqh Al-Sīrah in Aṣaḥ Al-Siyar

اَصَحّ السَیّر فی ھَدی خیرالبشر میں فقہ السیرہ کے اسلوب کا مطالعہ


  • Muhammad Kashif, Dr. Muhammad Abdullah University of the Punjab, Lahore



Sirah, Jurisprudential tendency, Fiqh Al-sirah


Abdul Rauf Danapuri was a well-known philosopher and famous scholar as well as a Sirah writer. His book Asah Al_seer is a book with jurisprudential propensity and has a outstanding place in urdu sirah literature. This book is different from other sirah books. In this book the author has described the sirah in a different and unique way. He derived fiqh rulings, instructions and practical life lessons from it. This style of sirah writing is called Fiqh Al_Sirah. The author has used both primary and secondary sources but the most important primary source of his book is Hadith. This book is written in response to modernist, rationalist and apologetic approach of urdu sirah books writer’s. After the Qur'anic verses, the authentic hadiths and other authentic traditions have been trusted upon for the background of various events in the biography or for interpretation and extraction from them. You have not only described the traditions of hadiths but have also criticized and commented on their evidences, narrations of hadiths. He has also worked on interpretation and implementation of hadith. You have not only trusted the authentic traditions of Sirah, but also prefer the differences between different traditions of Sirah and on this occasion some traditions are preferred over other traditions. In the book, many jurisprudential debates and problems have been derived from the Sirat Rasool. The jurisprudence debates have been mentioned by the author regularly in different chapters. For example, Kitab Al-Amwal, Nikah Muharram, Sharai Parda and many similar titles have been established. You also mention the opinions of the Imams in these topics and on some occasions they also explain the priority and the reason for priority. This article focuses on analytical study of Asah Al_Seer in the context of fiqh al_sirah.




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Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, M. K. (2024). Study of Methodology of Fiqh Al-Sīrah in Aṣaḥ Al-Siyar: اَصَحّ السَیّر فی ھَدی خیرالبشر میں فقہ السیرہ کے اسلوب کا مطالعہ. Al-Abṣār (الابصار), 3(1), 01–36.