About the Journal

Al-Raqim (الرقیم)

Al-Raqim is a double-blind، peer-reviewed, open-access، tri-lingual (Arabic, English, Urdu) journal published bi-annually by the department of Islamic Studies at the Rahim Yar Khan campus of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. it was established in June 2023.Al-Raqim is a scholarly publication that serves as a platform for academics, researchers, and intellectuals to contribute their original research and critical analysis in the field of Islamic studies. With a rich tradition and a vast scope of subjects, Al-Raqim encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, including theology, philosophy, history, law, literature, arts, and social sciences. This journal aims to foster an open and rigorous intellectual discourse while promoting a deeper understanding of Islamic traditions, civilizations, and contemporary issues.

To ensure the quality and integrity of the research published, the Al-Raqim Research Journal follows a rigorous peer-review process. Manuscripts are blindly reviewed by expert scholars in the field, who provide valuable feedback and constructive criticism. This ensures that only the most robust and intellectually sound research makes its way into the final publication. The journal also maintains strict adherence to ethical guidelines and standards of academic integrity.

Aims and Objectives

The key objective of the Al-Raqim Research Journal is to provide a forum for researchers to publish their work that advances knowledge and contributes to the understanding of Islam and Muslim societies. By publishing high-quality research papers, the journal aims to stimulate dialogue between scholars and cultivate an environment that encourages innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to studying Islam.  By embracing a wide range of viewpoints, the journal aims to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of Islam and its multifaceted dimensions.Al-Raqim welcomes submissions from scholars across the globe who are engaged in cutting-edge research in Islamic studies. Authors are encouraged to contribute original research articles, theoretical discussions, book reviews, and comparative studies that explore various facets of Islam and its interactions with other cultures, religions, and ideologies. The journal also invites articles that shed light on contemporary issues facing Muslim societies such as social justice, gender roles, political challenges, and the impact of globalization.  Al-Raqim aims to be at the forefront of this intellectual growth, welcoming innovative research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge and offers fresh perspectives on Islamic thought, history, and contemporary issues.


In addition to its commitment to academic excellence, Al-Raqim Research Journal recognizes the need to disseminate research findings to a broader audience. The journal is freely accessible online and print, ensuring that scholars, students,academic professionals and the general public can benefit from the knowledge and insights shared in its pages. This open-access model allows for the democratization of knowledge and fosters greater engagement with Islamic studies. Al-Raqim provides a platform for scholars to engage in rigorous academic discourse, fosters interdisciplinary approaches, and contributes to a deeper understanding of Islam and Muslim societies. With a commitment to quality research and inclusivity, this journal plays a vital role in advancing knowledge and promoting dialogue in the field of Islamic studies.