Foreign Remittance Inflow in Bangladesh: A Statistical Analysis


  • Md. Nur Nobi Al Madina International University, Malaysia
  • Md. Arif Billah International Islamic University, Bangladesh
  • Tani Jannat Jagannath University, Bangladesh
  • Asaduzzaman Shohel International Islamic University, Bangladesh



Foreign remittance, Money laundering, foreign exchange, foreign trade, economy, Bangladesh


The major goal of this research is to assess Bangladesh's foreign remittance inflows In recent years, remittance has risen to prominence as one of the most important economic variables, since it helps with the surplus balance of payments, foreign reserves, aggregate savings, and money circulation After overcoming the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bangladesh's foreign trade has begun to improve In comparison to the previous fiscal year, total export earnings declined by 16 93 percent to US$ 33,674 09 million in FY 2019-20 During the first half of fiscal year 2020-21, export earnings totaled US$ 35,180 81 million, up 13 64 % over the same period the previous fiscal year Furthermore, Remittance earnings are growing at a slower rate than emigration from Bangladesh, owing to a rising number of unskilled or semi-skilled laborers in overseas migration rather than professionals Remittances have a great impact on Bangladesh's economy.

Author Biographies

Md. Nur Nobi, Al Madina International University, Malaysia

Md. Nur Nobi, Al Madina International University, Malaysia  

Md. Arif Billah, International Islamic University, Bangladesh

Md. Arif Billah, Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Qur’anic Sciences, International Islamic University, Bangladesh

Tani Jannat, Jagannath University, Bangladesh

Tani Jannat, Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS), Department of Public Administration, Jagannath University, Bangladesh

Asaduzzaman Shohel, International Islamic University, Bangladesh

Asaduzzaman Shohel, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing & Supply Chain Management, International Islamic University, Bangladesh




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Nobi, M. N., Billah, M. A., Jannat, T., & Shohel, A. (2021). Foreign Remittance Inflow in Bangladesh: A Statistical Analysis. South Asian Review of Business and Administrative Studies (SABAS), 3(2), 131–139.