A Critical Review of Anti-Islamic Forces in Prophetﷺ Era


  • Dr. Aisha Sadaf Islamic Studies, National College of Business Administration & Economics Lahore, Sub campus Bahawalpur




Anti-Islamic Forces, Welfare state, Kẖlāfẗ ʿlā Minhāǧ ālnbuwẗ


The purpose of this research paper is to describe that the “Critical Review of Anti-Islamic Forces in Prophetﷺ Era: and its Impacts on the Modern Age”. One of the major requirements of the Prophet's duties is also the establishment of a welfare state. The completion of the political structure which had been completed in this regard in Medina has come before us in the form of the Righteous Caliphate. In short, the Caliphate which adheres to the principle of rule of the Holy Prophet in all religious and political matters is called "Kẖlāfẗ ʿlā Minhāǧ ālnbuwẗ ". However, the life of the Rightly Guided Caliphs and the Caliphate period is a clear proof of this, in which the temperament and lifestyle of the Holy Prophet were fully represented. However, when heﷺ laid the foundation of an Islamic state and a humane society full of divine laws, various anti-authoritarian and anti-Islamic forces whose power could be a threat to Islam rose from time to time and created problems for Islam and Muslims. The Prophetﷺ remedied them, which will be mentioned in detail in this article.




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Dr. Aisha Sadaf. 2023. “A Critical Review of Anti-Islamic Forces in Prophetﷺ Era”. Ulūm Al-Sunnah 1 (02):64-75. https://doi.org/10.52461/uas.v1i02.1749.