Scope, Aim & Objectives


  • The Research Journal “ULŪM-AL-SUNNAH” seeks to publish articles that explore Islāmic Knowledge especially in the field of Ḥadīth & Sīrah Studies, and generally to Qur’ānic Studies, Sharī‘ah & Law, Comparative Religion Studies, Islāmic History, Ṣufīsm, Economics, Politics, Culture & Civilizations, Social Sciences and other disciplines with link to Islām.


  • ULŪM-AL-SUNNAH Research Journal of Islāmic Studies aims to promote innovative academic research on contemporary matters and convolutions of modern-day world in addition to the orthodox approach of research specially from the perspectives of Ḥadīth & Sīrah, while generally from any other accepted source of Islām.


  • to publish quality research articles according to the scope and policies of journal.
  • to make those published research papers accessible to researchers worldwide with Online Journal System (OJS) platform.
  • to promote publication of analytical reviews on the latest books and other academic materials to enhance the research and give benefits to society.
  • to boost diversity, tolerance, and fruitful scholarly discussions without any ethnic, national, or religious discrimination.
  • to encourage advanced scholarly research on contemporary issues of the modern era.
  • to keep published work in the research journal “Ulum al-Sunnah” with the collaboration of best indexing and abstracting agencies from worldwide.