Use of Artificial Meat in the Context of Sharia Texts


  • Rabia Iram Coventry university, CV1 5FB, United Kingdome.



This article explores the permissibility of consuming synthetic/artificial meat in the context of Sharia texts. While traditional meat consumption in Islam is subject to certain conditions and regulations, the issue of synthetic meat is a relatively new one and has not been explicitly addressed in Islamic texts. However, some scholars and organizations have issued opinions on the permissibility of consuming synthetic meat based on existing Islamic principles. This article examines these opinions and their basis in Sharia texts, with a focus on the source of the cells used to produce synthetic meat and the production process.



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Iram, R. (2022). Use of Artificial Meat in the Context of Sharia Texts. Al-Abṣār (الابصار), 1(2), 59–64.