Regimental and Diet-o-therapy during pregnancy and their effects


  • Aymen Owais Ghauri
  • Fatima Qamar
  • Safila Naveed


Regimental therapy (Ilaj- bil- tadbeer); Diet therapy (Ilaj-bil- ghiza); Pregnancy (Hamal); Antenatal care (Tadbeer-e- Hamal).


Prevention of health in the antenatal stage is essential for future generations' growth and development before entering this world. Care during pregnancy is called Tadbeer-e-Hamla from Unani perspective. According to the Tibb-e-Unani and ayurvedic medicine system, health restoration and maintenance in different conditions, even diseased or healthy, is achieved by managing lifestyle factors. This management is based on which type of condition you suffer and the signs and symptoms that diagnose this condition. Then this diagnosis is also confirmed by the Unani tools that are Pulse (Nabz), Urine (Baul), and Stool (Baraz). After securing the state of the body, treatment starts with four basic principles of management (Usool-e-Ilaj). These principles of management are regimental therapy (Ilaj-bil-tadbeer), Diet therapy (Ilaj-bil-ghiza), Pharmacotherapy (Ilaj-bil-dawa), and Surgery (Jarahat). In this paper, regimental treatments and diet therapy are described in detail during pregnancy.


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