Review and Publication Policy

Before publishing of journal, Review process is an important and integral part of scholarly submission made. All papers published in JTHS after the peer review process by the experts in the relevant field then they give the comments to the author regarding the appropriate policy of publication to achieve and ensure the academic quality.

Double Blind Review Policy

All those papers submitted for JTHS for publication, are stepwise in the double blind review process. In the process, both reviewer and author identity are confidential or not to disclose with each other to ensure the independent opinion and avoid the biasedness.

Duration of Review and Publication

Journal takes some measure to speed up the review process without compromising the quality of publication and fulfill the requirement by the author for efficient review and publication.

  • Desk Review paper is screened by the chief editor and then assigned by the editorial board with in the 15 to 20 days after the submissions of paper, in order to check the similarity index, effective ness of the study according to journal scope and objective. The email to the corresponding author regarding initial screening usually time duration of all this process is almost one month.

  • Peer Review: After the successful initial screening the paper undergoes to peer review process. In this process email sent to two reviewers who have the experienced in academics and focused of research paper. These reviewers give the comments for the paper originality, researcher contribution and flow of discussion and also references citied in the paper. After that step, review report sent to the concerned author of the paper with the acceptance letter with the condition to fulfill the revision with due time or rejection/excuse of publication with reasons on ground realities. This all process take 30 to 40 days.

  • Revised copy: In this step the revised copy send to the copy editor who proofread and make editing according to the policy or comments received by the peer view committee. The request to the author for resubmission within 1 to 3 weeks. On request the print copy paper send to the corresponding author after publication. In the meanwhile, journal has introduce the paper early online production system and ensure the online availability before the hard copy publication.

Editorial Role in the Review Process and Conflict of Interest Policy

The paper sent to the well-established and strong researcher in the relevant field to achieve and maintain the consistency and independence of review process. The role of editorial board team member is to recommend the strong reviewer committee for the desired publication and manage all the review process assigned by the managing editor.

In order to avoid the panic situation and resolve the conflict of interest issues, it is the sole responsibility of chief editor journal to assign such paper to the ultimate editorial member to manage the review and whole publication. After doing this practice each member feels independency and neutrality of task.

Publishing Policy

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan is the publisher of the JTHS and owns/take the responsibility of all process and activities necessary for print and involved in publishing of paper online. IUB Pakistan, follow all the policies in the editorial process and do the necessary activities and arrangement regarding publication.