Influence of Social Media Marketing in Choosing Sri Lanka's Eastern Area as a Tourist Destination


  • Abrose Iqbal Department of Marketing, Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka



Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Sri Lanka, Tourism Industry, Travel Destination Decision.


As the number of tourists visiting Sri Lanka got out grown, tourism related entities have begun applying social media marketing tactics as a means to advertise Sri Lanka. This study was conducted to fill a gap because there haven't been enough studies on the effect of social media marketing on the Sri Lankan tourism industry. The study then looks at the influence of social media marketing, social media marketing content, and social media marketing traits on travelers' choice of locations after they arrive in Sri Lanka. The conceptual framework was created based on the literature that was accessible after reviewing numerous studies that had been conducted in different nations. A Google survey questionnaire was used to conduct an online survey to collect data, and SPSS was used for data analysis. Study used a probability sampling approach to select the data set from defined population. According to the findings, there exist a correlation in sample of information, the perceived ease of use, and the electronic word of mouth and purchasing decisions. Perceived risk, however, indicates a negative correlation.




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Iqbal, A. (2023). Influence of Social Media Marketing in Choosing Sri Lanka’s Eastern Area as a Tourist Destination. Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, and Services Industries Research (JTHS), 3(01), 10–18.