Pakistan and India Use of Soft Power in Afghanistan- A New Foreign Policy Approach


  • Shehryar Qaisar Manager, Mariam Fatima Foundation, Bahawalpur
  • Wardah Gull Research Scholar, National Defense University


Soft power, foreign policy, Pakistan, India, security, South Asia, World Politics, International Relations, Economy, Terrorism, Culture


The international system is dynamic in nature and since the evolution of globalization and communication technology, shift in terms of power and policy has occurred. States are now inclined to establish soft power in order to pursue their interests. Similarly, India has used its soft power policies as a foreign policy tool in order to dominate regional politics and expand its presence in the region.  India has its interests in Afghanistan for a very long time. Afghanistan’s geo-strategic importance provides many benefits to India in political, strategic and economic terms. Indian policy makers want India’s foothold in Afghanistan in order to achieve its strategic objectives, easing their way to achieve the regional power status and globally to become an active emerging power.  Conversely, Pakistan and Afghanistan share geostrategic and cultural bonding. India’s increasing influence in Afghanistan troublesome for Pakistan due to long border namely Durand line it shares with Afghanistan on west, hence, any affair in latter will directly affect the former. Over the years, Pakistan has always been suspicious about Indian presence, as it believes that India’s growing influence will marginalize Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan. Despite being blessed with rich culture, ancient civilization heritage, and religious similarities, Pakistan has failed to project its soft power policies. If Pakistan adopts soft power as a foreign policy tool it will not only help Pakistan to increase its presence in Afghanistan but will also help to improve its image globally. This research is qualitative, and exploratory in nature. Where the data will collect from secondary sources like articles, journals, official documents and books. Thus, this research study explores the soft power projection of India in Afghanistan, the implications of India’s soft power on Pakistan and what should Pakistan do to overcome this situation.



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