About the Journal

The Pakistan Journal of Qur’ānic Studies (PJQS) is a bi-annual and tri-lingual (Urdu, Arabic & English) research journal of Qur’ānic Studies, Islamic Studies, Religious Studies, and Theology, which was established in July 2022. PJQS - Pakistan Journal of Qur’ānic Studies is a double-blind peer reviewed and open-access research journal published by the Department of Qur’ānic Studies, Faculty of Islamic Learning, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. The Journal’s aim is to create a comprehensive and global understanding of Islam, to create a positive change in a common man's attitude and behavior, to promote scholarly research on the modern-age complexities and problems and finding their solutions in the light of the true teachings of Islam. The research journal is being published according to the HEC Policy.

Aims of PJQS

  1. PJQS is an Academic Journal devoted to Islamic It is to serve as a forum for scholars to write objectively, analytically and, where ever necessary, critically on Islamic History, Archaeology, Law, and Jurisprudence, etc.
  2. It brings out the achievements of Muslims in the fields of Humanities, Social and Islamic sciences especially in the field of Qur’anic sciences.
  3. It aims at defining Islam in terms of its fundamentals in a rational and Islamic manner emphasizing, at the same time, the basic Islamic ideals of universal brotherhood, tolerance, and social justice.
  4. It aims at interpreting the teachings of Islam in such a way as to bring out its dynamic character in the context of the intellectual progress of the modern world.

Objectives of PJQS

  1. It provides an open forum for a dialogue among the Fundamentalist, Conservative, and the Modernist schools of thought among the Muslims aiming at finding a balanced view.
  2. It endeavors, through dialogue, to find Islamic answers to the question relating to social, political, economic, and moral problems of the fast and drastically changing world of today.
  3. It endeavors to promote better understanding between the Islamic World and the

Our Vision

We will publish the best academic articles that seek to promote understanding, stimulate debate and communicate scholarly ideas to the world in the field of Islamic and Qur’anic studies.

Our Mission

  1. We publish articles in our selected subject areas across the Islamic sciences and qur’anic studies, combining original, cutting-edge scholarship with high editorial and production values to produce works of lasting importance.
  2. We contribute to Pakistan’s long tradition of furthering learning and intellectual debate and promoting awareness of new ideas.
  3. We put our authors at the center of all we do.
  4. We make the process of journal publishing pleasurable, supported by enthusiastic, motivated and professional staff.
  5. We create a supportive, pleasant and productive working environment for our