The Methodology of interpretation of Qur'ān in "Qur'ānan ‘Ajaban" by Dr. Nighat Hashmi

ڈاکٹر نگہت ہاشمی کاقرآن مجید کی تفسیر ’’قرآناً عجباً‘‘ میں منہج و اسلوب


  • Saira Aziz, Fraz Ahmed IIS University of the Punjab, Lahore





Great personalities in the history of nations are not born every day. Centuries later, a personality emerges and organizes scattered crowds. These great people come to the world as the star of the fate of their nation. People with such high objectives are a beacon for their future generations. The poet has said very well about such great personalities. "Don't be easy to know us, the flicks come out of the dust screen for years". If we pick up the history of Islam, we are aware that not only men but women also have a great share in this field, but history introduces us to many women who have served different lying in different walks of life, especially in the field of knowledge. There are vivid examples of this. The role of women in the society in terms of education and training is very clear. Today, I have taken up a pen to write on one such great personality who has done the duty of training women and young girls. He is a great teacher, a commentator, a well-known religious figure as Astaza Nighat Hashmi Hafzaullah.




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Saira Aziz, Fraz Ahmed. 2022. “The Methodology of Interpretation of Qur’ān in ‘Qur’ānan ‘Ajaban’ by Dr. Nighat Hashmi: ڈاکٹر نگہت ہاشمی کاقرآن مجید کی تفسیر ’’قرآناً عجباً‘‘ میں منہج و اسلوب”. Pakistan Journal of Qur’ānic Studies 1 (1):20-30.