Da’wah Methodology of Sufi’s & its Contemporary Social Impact

صوفیاء کرام کا دعوتی منہج اور عصر حاضر میں اس کے معاشرتی اثرات


  • Haya hareem markaz al hareem




There are different fields of Da'wa and people associated with all these fields appear to be active in this field according to their principles and practices, sometimes as teachers, sometimes as preachers, sometimes from the pulpit of the mosque and sometimes as social workers. Among them, there is a group of Sufis who are very popular in the Islamic State. Most of the peoples were guided from the shrines of the Sufis, millions of misguided people found their path and this chain has been going on for a long time, every part of the world. There are people associated with Sufism in the field and it cannot be denied that Sufism has a deep influence on the soul. Thousands of books have been written on Sufism, each book presents a new side of the picture, immense objections have been made to Sufism and qasidas are also recited in praise of Sufism, but now a days Sufism between criticism and praise someone says that Sufism is the religion of worldly and lazy people, and someone said that it is the favourite pastime of scumbags. The intellectuals have confused Sufism with philosophical reasoning, logic and rational aspects so much that Sufism has become a science. That's why I have chosen the title of writing this paper to see this subject in the light of contemporary requirements. What is the impact on the visitors and the public will be examined in detail.




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