The Qur'ānic concept of personality building in the contemporary Era

عصرحاضر میں تعمیرشخصیت کا قرآنی تصور


  • Abdul Nasir Zamir Bahauddin Zakariya Univerity Multan
  • Dr. Razia Shabana Assosiate professor department of Islamic Studies BZU Multan



Human being, Islam, Personality building, good and bad, Humanity welfare, Muslim renaissance


The human being is multidimensional, unlike other creatures. Philosophers consider it a creature bound to ethical rules and capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. Biologists categorize it as an animal due to its physical structure. Some religions consider it representative of evil, while some divide it into superior and inferior categories. After a clear definition of the human being, it is possible to build his personality. Islam, the last revelation of Almighty Allah, considers it the best creature. As a human beings, Islam declares that Muslims and non-Muslims are equally respectable and want to build the human personality due to this importance, like a queen of bees. Islam wants to see it as a representative of good in the battle of good and evil. So that it invites the human being to think about the universe and even himself because it wants to become the human being conscious even if he is on the wrong side. Islam wants to become independent from the slavery of other human beings’ supremacy and other inferior creatures. For this purpose, it educates him the monotheism.

The ultimate result of independence is the desire for dominancy that leads to mutual tussling among the dominants. But Islam presents the practical role model of the prophethood of the welfare, respect, and tolerance of all human beings to make a peaceful universal society. Recognition and following of true and trusted leader from prophethood, here and hereafter accountability from life after death, universal society from human respect, sacred economics from legal earnings and denying to hear and obey every wrong order from the conditional obedience of rulers. Basic concepts of personality building make a person ‘Khalifa fil Aarz’ the representative of good and the enemy of evil. Seerat Al-Nabi(PBUH) and Seerat of Righteous Caliphs are the practical role model of these concepts.

Islam builds a personality based on beneficial education within a pious environment and good company. A human being is a unity of soul and body (the soul itself represents within the body (matter), separately soul or body has no value in this world). We have wrongly divided Islamic education into religious, worldly, spiritual, and physical. The so-called explanations of these concepts completely changed the situation of personality building that is not according to Islam and reality. The personality, built on the Islamic concept, is the supporter and representative of the dominancy of right and a strong barrier in the path of wrong. It is the only hope in the world for the welfare of humanity here and hereafter. 

It is clear from the analysis of our past and present that we have given up the Islamic concept of personality building, so we have declined due to the lack of persons who were able to continue our dominancy by leading the Muslim world and the whole of humanity also. It is no other way to recall the renaissance of Muslim Ummah without adapting the Islamic personality-building concepts.




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