Imam Nasafi and his Book "Kanz al-Daqayq": Introduction and Methododology


  • Dr Jamshed Akhtar GHazi University
  • Ameer Hamza Sargodha University



Imam Nasafi was a famous jurist and religious scholar from the province of Iran. The famous Hanafi scholar Imam Nasafi was born in Khuzestan around 610 AH and died in 710 AH. He wrote several scholarly books and especially Kunz-ud-Daqeeq gained fame in textual jurisprudence. In this article, the biography of Imam Nasafi and his famous text on jurisprudence, method of the Kunz al-Daqayq, will be discussed. In his book, Allama Nasfi has derived all the problems from Imam Muhammad's "Al-Jaami al-Saghir", "Al-Jaami al-Kabir" and "Ziyadat". But the excellence and eloquence of the word has been maintained. In this book, there is a collection of about 40,000 jurisprudential problems.




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