Analysis of the Causes and Motivations of the Khatam e Nabuwat Movement in 1953 AD


  • Mahnaz Shouket CTI
  • Khaleeq Ur Rehman M.Phil Scholar



Basis, Faith, Roots


After the creation and decoration of the universe, Allah Almighty created the Son of Adam for education and training and then for his education and training, Allah Almighty started the process of Prophethood that started from Adam and ended with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and ended. This belief is called belief in the end of prophethood. This belief is the basis and roots of the religion of Islam and all other beliefs are established through the belief in the Prophethood,because the belief in Tawheed and the belief in afterlife is also based on the belief in the Prophethood. This unseen belief in the existence of Allah and the event of the Day of Judgment also indicates the belief in the Prophethood. For example, if Islam is a tree, then Aqeedah-e-Rasalat is its foundation and root. Similarly, Islam is a building and Aqeedah-e-Rasalat is its foundation. If the foundation is intact then the building is also intact. May Allah not be willing if the foundation is shaken or cut the root, no faith will survive. Similarly, all other beliefs are through the doctrine of the Prophethood.


Author Biography

Khaleeq Ur Rehman, M.Phil Scholar

Department of Islamic Studies 


Dr. Zia ur Rehman




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Shouket, Mahnaz, and Khaleeq Ur Rehman. 2022. “Analysis of the Causes and Motivations of the Khatam E Nabuwat Movement in 1953 AD”. Pakistan Journal of Qur’ānic Studies 1 (2):49-66.